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Refreshed, Revamped, Renewed ...

Beyond Infant Massage, with knowledge comes responsibility to raise the bar and teach more.

After studying Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of The Biology of Belief, Andrea Kelly, CEO of WINC without borders™, upgraded our curriculum by creating the TRIAD Model™ for healthy infant, child, and family development which was approved by Dr. Lipton. (Our classes are evidence-based science and practicum, EBS and EBP)

WINC without borders™ d/b/a for the original International Association of Infant Massage, IAIM®, grassroots organization origin 1970's - Incorporated since 1986 ~ Ventura, CA

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*PRESS RELEASE* WINC without borders dba for IAIM® wins legal rights to name ... read here


We represent a beautiful kaledioscope of color


all the children of the world community


The TRIAD Model™ for Conscious Parenting

Certify Professionals to instruct Welcome Newborn Routine, infant massage, and to teach the Triad Model™ for healthy infant, child, and family development while strengthening the family unit.

The WINC TRIAD Model IS the catalyst for Conscious Parenting ... more

As a WINC educator you can participate as a co-creator for

a brighter future for planet Earth

The children are our richest resource and the future guardians of this planet.

Become their global teachers.


Our beloved CEO, Andrea Kelly, keep raising the bar ... her accomplishments go beyond the classroom:

  • Inducted into the Who's Who of Business Women of America in 2014

Inducted into the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame in 2012

Cover of Massage Magazine, 2010 "Touch the Future" introduces the TRIAD Model™

Cover of Massage Magazine, 2008 "The Joyful Art of Infant Massage"

Andrea brings her passion not only to the classroom but as an advocate for Animal Rescue. Walking her talk she has 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a horse that are all animal rescue.


Need a career or additional income? ...


Become a Certified International Instructor Trainer, CIIT™

A turnkey business ready-to-go! All necessary tools and materials are gifted.

3-day online workshop plus 8 hour practicum customed for your schedule.

No Travel Required!

Generous partial grants available, call for details 805-644-1066, Andrea Kelly, CEO



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Professional Classes Available through WINC™

Evidence-Based Science & Practice Curriculum

Read comments from our CIMI® and CIIT™ Workshops ...


1.) Level 1 - Certified Infant Massage Instructor, CIMI®

18 to 30 CEH (Continuing Education HOURS)

Become a CIMI® and work with parents and babies. Teach infant massage plus the TRIAD Model™.

Click Here for TRAINING SCHEDULE List   ~or~  Class Calendar

2.) Level 2 - Certified Infant Massage Instructor, CIMI®

19  CEH (Continuing Education HOURS)

Online Corporate Refresher Course for our current CIMI® base. Learn the newborn routine, TRIAD Model™, new parent/baby class, and updates to our infant massage base. New curriculum ... new certification ... 19 CEH.

Call today to register - 805-644-1066

3.) Level 3 - Certified International Instructor Trainer, CIIT™

30 CEH (Continuing Education HOURS)

Become a CIIT™ and prepare and certify OTHER Professionals to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor to teach parents healthy family development. Partial Grants Available.

Click Here or Call 805.644.1066 for more info

Professional Testimonies from CIIT Trainings ... more

4.) Compassionate Parenting is ... Smart Parenting

Raising Emotional Intelligence of Parents and Children for Healthy Family Development 

... More Information and Class Schedule

5.) Core Value Eating

Core Value Eating is a successful program because we teach you to develop a conditioned response to regulate your impulse to overeat. 

... More Information and Class Schedule

6.) Touch in Labor  ~ Not available at this time.

Nurturing touch that lasts a lifetime™

Continuing Education Hours, CEH, for professionals

Doctors, nurses, OT, PT, MT, doulas, childlife specialists, social workers, and all other professionals that work with infants and their families. We address well babies, special needs, and infants born early in the NICU.

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Core values are taught within the home ...

"We promote healthy family development through nurturing touch, compassionate communication and providing a safe environment in which infants and their families may thrive and not just survive."™

Andrea Kelly, CEO

In the news ...

World Massage 2012 Festival Hall of Fame

Andrea Kelly, CEO WINC without borders, was inducted into the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame. It was an awesome weekend, we met MANY amazing colleagues. Check out the pictures!


WINC without borders™ Infant Massage in Kenya

Our CEO, Andrea Kelly, realizes her dream to assist the families and children of Kenya, E. Africa. The Daisy Eye Cancer Fund invited her as an international trainer to certify CIMI­­®s.  She traveled with Morgan Livingstone, CCLS, accompanied by Morgan's husband, Michael, and son, Finn.

Click here to view Complete Slideshow images of our Kenya trip.




Groundbreaking Research ... EPIGENETICS - The continuum of DNA development after birth. 

Click Here to Read More ... Beyond Infant Massage ...

The power and promise of infant massage and the work of WINC without borders™ will enable us to advance human civilization, one child at a time.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Scientist, lecturer and author of "The Biology of Belief"


Susan Campbell, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Andrea Kelly

2014-15 WINC™ d/b/a for IAIM® Training Schedule


We are very proud that our CEO, Andrea Kelly, was published TWICE as the COVER story of Massage Magazine.

BOTH ARTICLES HAVE SOLD OUT and are no longer availabe for sale but you may contact the office to receive a copy of the article for a small processing fee. They make valuable and informative parent class handouts!!!



October 2008 Massage Magazine                                  February 2011 Massage Magazine

The Gentle Art of Infant Massage            Massage for Life


Andrea Kelly and her Mom, Vietta Smock, July 4th Prescott AZ rodeo

Senior touch adaptations expressed in Massage For Life cover story. Any CIMI interested in Senior Touch, for input call Andrea at 805-233-3588 to participate in the committee. 


WINC without borders™ trains and certifies Certified Infant Massage Instructors, CIMI® who in turn teach parents and caregivers to massage their babies.

Our instructors are required to complete the Certified Infant Massage Instructor process. Each CIMI® must attend a 2 or 3 day training, complete an exam and demonstrate their competence by teaching the parent class.


PRESS RELEASE for legal win for ownership of "IAIM"®

WINC without borders d/b/a for IAIM® the legal owners of IAIM® wins legal challenge for the trademark “IAIM®” against Infant Massage USA and the International Association of Infant Massage Sweden before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
World Institute for Nurturing Communication,
WINC without borders
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